Du Monde Tutorial Services offers AP Exam Preparation and Review materials for the following AP Exams

AP English Language and Composition Exam

Course A — Personal Opinion Essay

  • How to Form and Develop Your Opinion on an Essay
  • Basic Rhetorical Modes — Strategies for Composition & Essay Writing
  • Basic Rhetorical Modes — Applying Rhetorical Modes for Composition & Essay Writing
  • How to Support Your Personal Response Essay
  • How to Organize & Arrange Your Essay
  • Practice Essay

Course B — Literary Analysis Essay

  • Introduction to Critical Reading: Analyzing Compositions or Literature – Close Reading
  • Elements of Literature
  • Recognizing Rhetorical Devices
  • Analyzing Elements of Writing Style
  • Introduction to Literary Theory – Approaches to Reading Literature
  • Practice Essay

Course C — Synthesis Essay

  • Critical Thinking
  • Paragraph Development for Synthesis Arguments Essays
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Logical Fallacies
  • Using Logic & Reasoning in Argument Essays
  • Advanced Planning or Outlining for Argument Essays
  • Practice Essay

Each essay review packet includes:

  • A sequence of skill-development exercises reviewed by a Du Monde faculty member by email
  • A sample essay exam scored by a former or current AP Exam reader

Other services:

  • Email conferencing
  • Skype conferencing
  • On-line tutorial assistance for problem areas